Growing up in Hawaii and working on huge cattle ranches, Bonnie learned simple but invaluable truths regarding the nature of dogs, horses and livestock..  after graduating from college in Texas, Bonnie was a professional horse trainer and at the same time dabbled with competitve dog training,.  Making the move from horses to dogs was a seamless one and 30 years later, Bonnie has been a number one breeder in the U.S. of top field, obedience, agility and conformation champions with a proven track record of breeding great dogs.  25 years ago she started teaching, training and competing in Agility and Obedience, culminating in competition for Team USA at the 2011 Agility European Open in Austria.
Bonnie supports the ideals of the USBCHA and believes whole heartedly that form should follow function, and not the other way around.   She is committed to preserving the amazing work ethic of the Border Collie and believes that working ability should be of paramount importance in any breeding program.   Bonnie honors the time tested practice among the most respected breeders of working Border Collies,  of NOT breeding for color, coat, or any standard other than the standard of work.  
A successful working dog must be fit enough to do the work asked well beyond their middle and prime years, so our dogs are screened for hips and eyes and other heritable diseases.. 
A fanatic for pedigrees and researching bloodlines, Bonnie combines the power of genetics with a keen eye for efficient and balanced movement and athletic ability.  She does, however, humbly rely on her much more experienced herding friends, coaches and mentors, to skillfully guide her to the most suitable working stud's and pedigree's available..
Because our dogs are bred from some of the best working lines in the world, we require our puppies go to homes that will put them to some sort of organized work, whether it be competitive Herding, Agility, Tracking, Obedience or non-competitive Farm or Ranch work.
Our pups will be raised in our home and be exposed to toddlers, friendly strangers, unfamiliar adult dogs, stock (ducks, sheep or goats), developmental obstacles and other physical, mental and emotional stimuli including, but not limited to, ENS (early neurological stimulation.) 
Bonnie Norris; located near Dallas, Texas

2014 FCI World Team Tryouts